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The Story of Open Roads

by Ethan Alexander, Executive Director and Founder.

Ultimately, Open Roads Bike Program was an inevitable product of a childhood that was rich and bikeful. When I was about two years old, my father decided that we had had enough of cars.  They were no longer a necessary part of our lives. With two sons under 5 years old, living in Northern Michigan, he sold our car and bought bikes. Schwinn bikes. Cruisers. Made for moving, through sand, through snow, through anything. And so we lived. We had a bike trailer at first, then a tandem bike, then a triplet (1 vehicle 2 wheels, 3 seats) and eventually we moved to three bikes. We biked to school. We biked to the grocery store. We biked to friends' houses.  Twelve months a year. Through sun and rain and snow and wind. My dad was tough. As a matter of fact, he still is. He, Henry Morgenstein, is a fierce advocate for a sustainable community that includes bicycles. He wrote columns in the local newspaper and spoke frequently on the radio, telling our community that bikes were the way to move in the world. And that is how we moved through most of my childhood. With bicycles. I learned quickly that this was a superior form of transportation, the ideal form of exercise, and a great means to building community.

So, ever since then, I have been in love with bikes. I realized that the bicycle is not just a thing: it is a symbol - a symbol of independence, of freedom, of autonomy, and of joy. I began collecting bikes in my mid-twenties. Mostly Schwinns, I would store them in the basement. Eventually, I learned that I had a problem. Bikes were filling my basement and corners of my home. Through the Changemakers grant from the Kalamazoo Community Foundation, I was able to take this “problem” and make it into a program. I had been working with youth for the past 10 years both in schools and in the community. Therefore, this was a natural extension of my interests and my career.

It started with four kids and two adults in a classroom at Kalamazoo College. Eventually it has grown into dozens of programs around Kalamazoo. From schools to garages to gymnasiums to a field in the Kalamazoo Nature Center, I think we have worked almost everywhere. I am proud of every child that has earned their own bike through hard work and commitment. It has been a fantastic journey. We are growing and building great things.

Grab your handlebars. Jump on. Come see where the Open Roads take us.

What We Do

At Open Roads Bike Program, we believe that adults + youth + bikes + heart make our program possible. Founded in 2009, Open Roads Bike Program is a youth development program that teaches social skills and bike mechanic skills to youth in our community. All of our bikes are donated by community members like you. We have never purchased a bike.

All of our donated bikes are reused in one of three ways:

  • Program bikes - Bikes for youth in our program that they learn to fix, and then get to keep.
  • Refurbished Bike Sales - We are fortunate enough to have high quality adult and youth bikes donated to us that we can repair and sell back to the community for reasonable prices. This is one way we financially sustain our organization.
  • Bike Racks - Some bikes have been loved by their owners for so long, that they can’t be ridden any longer. Donated bikes, or parts, that cannot be fixed are recycled into Community Bike Racks.


Who We Are

Open Roads is a group of dedicated individuals who are committed to the Open Roads mission and actively implement our program. Our staff members and Board of Directors include the following:

The Open Roads Staff

The Open Roads Board of Directors

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